Project Status


BOSTCO is a new modern petroleum storage facility on the Houston Ship Channel that is designed to support the logistical challenges in the Black Oil Market. This newly constructed facility provides terminal services, including storage, blending and handling of Vacuum Tower Bottoms, Slurry Oil, and various Blend Stocks for Residual Fuel Oil, Vacuum Gas Oil (“VGO” – a refinery feedstock). The terminal receives products by ships, barges, and rail cars. Outbound movements occur via ships, and barges.

Phase I of the project included the following:

  • Initial build-out includes 51 new tanks totaling 6,100,000 bbl. of new storage capacity varying in size from 30,000 bbl. to 320,000 bbl.
  • Efficient design including to provide for high speed pumping rates up to 25,000 bbl./hr. for loading ships, and dock line stripping systems to ensure quick turnaround of facilities.
  • The ship dock provides two berths for ships ranging in size up to a length overall of 1,000 feet, a beam of 165 feet, a draft of 45 feet and displacement tonnage of 205,000 metric tons. The barge docks will handle up to 12 barges total, each barge having a maximum length overall of 300 feet and a draft of 12 feet.
  • A twin track rail siding will handle unloading up to 12 rail cars.

Phase II of the project includes the following:

  • Distillate type products handling.
  • High speed loading to ship dock.

Phase III of the project may include some or all of the following:

  • Distillate, crude, black oil and asphalt products.
  • Additional space to increase storage tank capacity by approximately 900k barrels.
  • Pipeline connectivity for products in/out of the terminal.
  • Waterfront expansion to include additional ship dock with berth for two ships drafting up to 45 ft., and four more barge spots.
  • Capacity to increase rail siding to unload up to 30 rail cars.